Last weekend in London?!

I can’t believe the title of this post. How is possible that it is already the LAST weekend of this whirlwind semester?

As I enjoy my last few days in London, I can’t help but reflect on all of the other amazing places in Europe I had the opportunity to visit.

After fall break in Italy, I participated in SU London-organized trip to Paris. As you’ll see from the photos, I visited every tourist attraction (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, etc.) and because the trip was architecture-focused, I learned a bit about the history of some of the city’s most famous structures.

The following weekend, my European Union class went to Brussels. This trip was undoubtedly one of my favorites.  We heard from some amazing speakers at the European Parliament and NATO, visited the scenic city of Bruges and learned a plethora of information about Belgium from our professor (Dr. Wolfgang Deckers…one of my favorite professors of all time!). We also enjoyed traditional Belgian cuisine: mussels and frites (french fries) with mayonnaise and of course, waffles and chocolate.

My final trip of the semester was to Germany. My roommate Faith and I traveled to Munich (where we ate schnitzel!) and visited the Christmas markets in Nuremberg. It was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season (Germans seriously love Christmas!) and made for a great final trip. Part of the reason I chose to study in London was the ease of travel around Europe, and with the help of the SU London trips and my independent trips, I feel that I was able to visit nearly all of the countries I hoped to.

While much of this weekend will be devoted to studying for finals and the unfortunate task of packing up my London life, I’ll be spending plenty of time with friends enjoying our last few days in the city.

Cheerio for now!

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