Spring Break in Silicon Valley: Day 3 (abridged version)

Here’s the rundown of companies our crew visited today. (Early morning +  super busy day tomorrow = I need to get to sleep!)



Scale Venture Partners

500 Startups

We had incredible experiences at each stop and met some intelligent, innovative people everywhere we went. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on each visit in much greater detail in a later post, because each one deserves a bit more explanation and context.

It’s also worth mentioning that I ate dinner at In-N-Out burger AGAIN and our group played laser tag at the end of the day. It all kind of mirrored the work hard, play hard mentality that is present in many of the companies we’ve visited.

Thursday is our busiest day yet, with a packed schedule of company visiting during the day, and a series of Syracuse alumni networking events in the evening.


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