Lean In, Listen In: Podcasts for Women at Work

I’m a major fan of podcasts. It seems like I’m subscribing to a new one each week, and probably have enough downloaded to last me until the end of time (or at least a really long road trip).

In my opinion, a quality podcast with a good, meaty interview or some inspiring advice is a lovely (and productive) way to spend a long commute to work.

I wrote about a few of my favorites for the Young Professionals Blog series on the New York Women in Communications website. My recommendations include podcasts that cover careers, money, and other topics that are relevant to young professionals. 

Original post published here, but you can check it out below. Thanks for reading.

It’s pretty much a weekly occurrence: I see a friend’s tweet that reads something like, “Looking for a new podcast. Any recs?” We’re overwhelmed with podcasts available for every topic imaginable. It’s an exciting time for podcast creators and listeners alike.

As of 2016, 21% of Americans age 12 or older said they’ve listened to a podcast in the past month, up from just 12% in 2013, according to a study by the Pew Research Center. That number is certain to rise over the next few years, as podcasts become more prevalent, and media organizations with massive audiences, like The New York Times and BuzzFeed, launch their own shows.

If you’re new to podcasts or just want to switch up your current list, check out these recommendations. They’re brimming with career advice and inspiration to help shape the way you work and live. And stay tuned for the launch of NYWICI’s very own podcast, “Coffee Break w/NYWICI”, on Oct. 5, 2016!

#Girlboss Radio

What to expect: Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso interviews inspiring female leaders (“girlbosses”) about running a business, managing people and work/life balance. She aims to “humanize the known, champion the unknown” and give listeners access to candid conversations with creative women at the forefront of their industries.

Episode length: 30-50 minutes

Where to start: Interviews with Emily Weiss (founder and CEO of Glossier) and Kathryn Minshew(founder and CEO of The Muse)

Awesome Etiquette

What to expect: This podcast from the Emily Post Institute, the authority on etiquette in business and society, offers a modern take on how to behave in all areas of life through the lens of consideration, honesty and respect. Hosts Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning answer listener questions that often touch on sticky situations at work, including how to handle coworker conflicts, recovering from email mistakes and business dining etiquette. Lizzie and Dan are experts at providing sample language to take the guesswork out of dealing with those delicate situations.

Episode length: 35-50 minutes

Where to start: Episode #62: A Handshake Will Do, Episode #59: Is it Eavesdropping When You’re Standing at My Desk, Episode #9: Nosy Bosses, Dietary Preferences and Bringing the Dog


What to expect: A podcast with candid career discussions created specifically for young professionals? It finally exists in Joblogues, a weekly discussion hosted by Joymarie Parker and Cortney Cleveland. The women cover everything from interview techniques to navigating politics at work with refreshing candor.

Episode length: 35-55 minutes, 10-30 minutes for “minisodes”

Where to start: Episode 8: Buzzwordy, Episode 22: The Interview Slay, Episode 23: Working While Woke

WSJ Media Mix

What to expect: Jack Marshall and Steven Perlberg from The Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today section interview some of the smartest people in communications, marketing and advertising. Think of it as a weekly 30-minute master class in understanding the media landscape from the people that are shaping it.

Episode length: 30 minutes

Where to start: 360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter on the Changing Ad Model, Why Hearst’s Digital Chief Loves Snapchat

Being Boss

What to expect: Geared toward creative entrepreneurs and business owners, this podcast focuses on what it takes to run a company and features interviews with coaches, writers and more. Hosts Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon provide guidance on handling the success and tough times of starting a company, while encouraging listeners to “be boss” in their work, life and everything in between.

Episode length: 55-60 minutes for regular episodes, 8-15 minutes for “minisodes”

Where to start: #37: Making Decisions Like a Boss, #42: Vulnerability as a Creative with Brené Brown, #59: Finding Balance in Business & Life with Meg Keene

Coming soon! Coffee Break w/NYWICI

What to expect: This one’s about to be your new favorite. NYWICI is debuting a career-oriented podcast! Host and career expert Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich chats with successful, passionate women in various roles at different stages in their careers. They cover topics such as mastering the job interview, personal finances, and time management. Where to start: Stay tuned for Coffee Break w/ NYWICI’s debut on October 5, 2016!


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