Going Green(wich) + first week of classes

Classes are in full swing and I’ve already participated in two exciting field trips organized by SU London.

The first major trip was a visit to Greenwich. Before reaching our destination, we enjoyed a scenic bus tour of London. Seeing the landmarks from far away made me even more excited to visit them in person throughout the trip.

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Greenwich was a quaint town and I loved visiting the Old Covered Market and browsing through the plethora of clothing and food stands. There was even someone selling fancy hats (see photos)! Obviously, it evoked memories of the interesting fashion choices at the Royal Wedding.

After walking around the town, we headed to the Prime Meridian and the Royal Observatory. We had a nice view of the O2 Arena and the London skyline from where we were, and of course, everyone got their photo standing in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres at the same time.

The next day marked the first day of classes. My classes have been very interesting so far, and the professors are obviously passionate about their respective fields. I’m particularly excited about COM 346: Race, Gender and the Media and PSC 409: The European Union. All of my classes emphasize the importance of following the news in the U.K. and reading British newspapers. I’m interested to see the coverage that the tenth anniversary of 9/11 receives in London, and compare it with U.S. coverage.

Next up, I’ll be posting about my trips to Stonehenge, Salisbury and the East End Markets, as well a review of “Much Ado About Nothing,” which I am seeing tonight at the Globe Theatre.



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  1. Awesome, keep updates coming!

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