Stonehenge, Salisbury and Shakespeare

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It’s been a busy week here in London, and my past two weekends have been dominated by even more SU London field trips.

Last Friday, the group took a trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury. Stonehenge was fairly impressive and the history behind it was interesting, but more than a few of my peers said, “We came all this way to see a pile of rocks?” Still, I thought it was worth the trip.

After Stonehenge, we headed to the town of Salisbury. Like Greenwich, there are a lot of quaint boutiques and pubs. We also toured Salisbury Cathedral. It was a massive building with ornate detailing both inside and out. The photos don’t do it justice!

The next day, my roommate Faith and I went to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to see Much Ado About Nothing. The Globe itself is an incredibly well-designed building, and the show was quite enjoyable. We stood in the “groundlings” section, and while standing for three hours might not sound like an awesome way to spend a Saturday night, we actually had a great time and loved seeing Nurse Jackie‘s Eve Best in the role of Beatrice.

This weekend, I am in the midst of SU London’s Love London Weekend. It’s been a busy few days, but we’ve covered a lot of ground and seen everything from musicals to dog races so far. I’ll post in more detail about the events later in the weekend.


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